Fully Automatic Numerical Control Quilting Machine

Model : Y&Y-S900CNC-2


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Y&Y-S900CNC-2 Catalogue
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As employ 64 bit computer, data processing is faster than conventional machine.
Programs can be stored into built-in hard disk .
It's equipped with an USB port in an enternal memoty.
Easy replacement of quilts The sewing head vertical rises at the end of a quilting process to
allow for a sufficient clearance for easy replacement of the quilting work frames.
Automatic lubrication system for sewing head and hook by use of pneumatic jet fog.
Photoelectric needle thread disconnection sensor.
Automatic stop upon detection of needle thread disconnection, automatic carry the thread
change position and original position return the memory of thread disconnected position.
(Patent registered)
Automatic bobbin thread cutting device.
Efficient feeding system by using boll screw to feed back and forth, right and left the sewing
head and the hook base.
Double over-run prevention system for software and hardware.
Safety device is equipped on the machine for safety operation.
The sewing head, which was designed and developed specifically for comforter quilting
machine, has been improved in its high speed stability and durability.
The rapid rotation type sewing machie head of new development is adopted.

Main motor, which is capable of operating at varied speeds.
Sewing speed and feeding speed can be varied according to the program.
Quilt loading and unloading can be made easily.
When sewing is finished, sewing needle is stopped at upper position and sewing head is lifted
the wide spac thus produced facilitates the replacement of quilt frame.
When the thread is disconnected, the point where it occurred is recorded in the memory.
After the thread is repaired, the pattern program can be run in reverse and the sewing can be
restarted from any desired point. (High accurate electronic control makes overlapped
stitches at the restarting point hard to detect.)
The return to the original position can be made directly when the step number is specified.
Enlargement / reduction of quilting pattern size, coupled with pattern shift function, enables
quick adjustment to various sizes of quilts.
Equipped with production control system.
Output per each pattern / The total output / The total operation time / The rate of actual
operation on the day / The frequency of thread breakage on the day / Stitching time per one
Stitch patterns are indicated on CRT Monitor graphically.
(Display of Automatic operation and program making.)
Routine pattern, WAVE and SCALLOP are stored in advance and possible to input only with
programs of start point and end point, same as straight pattern. The time of pattern making
is reduced 80%, compared with conventional type machine.
Possible to make program of new stitch pattern during automatic operation.
With of quilt frame guide width can be adjusted by one-touch action. (PAT.P)
Only one time, the machine needs set original position, when set-up the machine.
After that, the machine dose not needs operation of back to original position.
Sewing pitch can be adjusted on the screen, (0.1~9.9mm). Sewing pitches are always same
as adjusted pitch by operator.
**Red characters are new function for S900CNC-2.

※ Special size is available by order.